Daybreak Rabbitry

Raising quality Cinnamon and Havana Rabbits since 2001


Established in 2001, Daybreak Rabbitry is located in central Indiana, and home to nationally-known lines of Cinnamons, with my focus being on Checkered Giants, Britannia Petites, and Siamese & Tortoiseshell (Tort) Satins. I also still raise my first breed, Havanas, as well as a few quality Mini Lops. My main endeavor has been to perfect the Cinnamon breed, a very rare heritage breed of our country. For over 12 years I worked on the Cinnamon breed, and ultimately achieved the first (and currently only) Goldstar animals in 2015. "Goldstar" is a registration status that denotes 3 complete generations - all animals - in the pedigree as registered ARBA Grand Champions. Although I phased out the Cinnamons from my barn in 2017, I still have a few lingering around and produce the occasional litter. 

Founder and owner of ARBA registered rabbitry #X544, I am a member of ARBA, CRBA, HRBA, ACGRC, and Indiana State RBA, as well as several local show clubs. In 2012 I was one of the founding members of the first regional Cinnamon specialty club, the Greater Midwest Cinnamon Enthusiasts, in which I currently hold the President office. I travel all across the country to show my animals, and offer experienced transportation services along with those trips. I have currently applied for and am studying to pass my registrar's test, after which my eventual goal is to obtain my judge's license. Feel free to search around and look through things.

Please contact me if you are interested in anything for sale, or just want info on rabbits or cavies in general. I update often. Thanks for visiting!





About Me

Hello, and thank you for visiting Daybreak Rabbitry!

My name is Mara Scott, and I have been breeding and raising rabbits for going on 16 years now.  For 8 years I was a very involved and active member in the Elkhart County 4-H Rabbit Club, which is where I got my start in rabbits all those years ago. Today I still remain active with the club and helping with their various Youth contests during the Fair. I am a registered ARBA member.  Founded in 2001, I currently own and operate Daybreak Rabbitry registered #X544 with the ARBA.  I raise the rare and beautiful breed of Cinnamons, as well as Havanas in black, chocolate, and broken.  Along with those as my main breeds, I also have a small herd of some very competitive Checkered Giants, and a few Jersey Woolies for fun (but still a good quality!)

Havanas were my very first breed, with the Cinnamons following in 2005.  During a severe bout of disease in the spring of 2007 in which half of my barn was lost, my Havanas were hit particularly hard.  There were many breeding and quality consistency complications, and I thereby switched my focus to the Cinnamons which were literally booming in contrast.  Since then my Cinnamon herd has gone nationally competitive, with many wins at the local, regional, and nation-wide competitions, including Best of Breed and Best Opposite of Breed at ARBA National Conventions, Best 6 Class, and Best of Group wins. In July 2015, I produced the first ever Goldstar Cinnamon, marking a historical point for the breed. 

Today, I maintain a rabbitry of around 50 holes, a good third of which are devoted each to Cinnamons and Havanas. Checkereds take up a lot of room for not a lot of cages. The Jerseys are few and fuzzy. I travel all over the United States to show my animals. In 2015 alone I visited Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and Louisiana for shows. And of course my home state of Indiana. Along with visiting other states to show my animals, I offer experienced transportation services for small animals of any sort. While attending the ARBA Nationals in Texas in 2014, I transported almost 100 rabbits and cavies combined between the original and return trips. 

Over the years, I have had many turns with several breeds besides my current three.  I have worked with and/or raised nearly 30 of the 47 recognized breeds including but not limited to: Californians, Silver Martens, Mini Lops, English Lops, Holland Lops, Britannia Petites, Satins, Palominos, Mini Rex, Silver Fox, Dutch, Thrianta, New Zealands in red and white, Blanc de Hotots, Silver, Himalayan, and even had a 2-year stint with cavies.  Through my wide-ranging interest in rabbits, I have learned a tremendous, even earning the 5-time title of Grand Champion Rabbit Ambassador winner in my County division.  My senior year I reached 4th in the state at the Indiana State 4-H Fair Rabbit Ambassador Contest.  For those who may not know, Rabbit Ambassador is an all-encompassing contest which tests all aspects of rabbits - showmanship, knowledge, resume, and Breed ID.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in anything for sale, or just want info on rabbits or cavies.  I update often.  Thanks for visiting!