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Cinnamons, Havanas, and Checkered Giants


This sales policy is subject to change at any time.

I, Mara J. Scott (hereafter referred to as “I” or “my”), maintain the right to refuse a sale at any time, for any reason.  I am not required to explain this reasoning to anyone.

Prices of animals reflect the specific animal’s age, breed, variety, general point value as compared to the Standard of Perfection (a publication of the American Rabbit Breeders Association), and the availability of space in my rabbitry at the time of sale.

I do give a multiple rabbit discount, as well as a 4H discount on certain animals.

Cinnamons currently START at $75 for a Junior buck, $100 for a Junior doe, and range up to $400. Goldstar Cinnamons will start at $300.

Checkered Giants START at $50 for a show-marked Junior, and $40 for a sport Junior. Intermediates start at $75; Seniors at $100. Prices range up to $200.  I do not sell charlies, as they tend to die before reaching 5 months of age (much like a lethal white gene in cavies).

Havanas START at $40 for Junior bucks or does, and range up to $250.

**Please note, the word "start" means exactly that.  Animals may be more expensive based on our discretion.** 

No rabbit will be sold before 10 weeks of age.

No rabbit will leave the premises without an identifying left ear tattoo.

I do not sell “brood” animals.  I rarely sell “pets”.  I do not sell Cinnamon “pets”.

All animals will come with a full 3- or 4-generation pedigree.  “Pets” are the only exception to this – they do not come with a pedigree, and are sold for $15. “Pet” pedigrees may be obtained by purchasing the animal at regular price. Pets are sold with the understanding that they MUST NEVER be bred.

Please note pricing BEFORE inquiring. I do not bargain, nor do I ‘give’ my years of hard work, dedication, genetics, or my beloved animals away freely.  My pricing is completely reasonable for the quality of the animals I let out of my barn. My animals go through several rounds of terminal culling to snake breeders leading up to 10 weeks o, and are not safe from becoming a snake cull even after that age.  In my opinion, if I am asking less than these prices, the animal would be sub-par and should not be used as a representative of the breed in exhibition or in breeding practices.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

My rabbits have consumed over half of my life, and they deserve homes that will care for them in the best possible way. I would rather keep an animal myself than let it enter into a poor situation.  With that in mind, if at any point keeping an animal becomes impossible for its buyer, I require that any and all animals sold from Daybreak Rabbitry be offered back to me FIRST if the new owner ever chooses to sell the animal(s).  This will be a signed agreement.  If I accept the offer, I will refund the original price of the animal and work out transportation in a timely and effective manner.  Notifications must be signed and received via email, land mail, or text (yes, this does mean that you must sign your full name at the end of the text).  If you have not received a response from me within a week, you MUST attempt a different means of contact. Notification and responses, including texts, will be printed out in hard copy format. I take personal responsibility for the animals I raise. When I sell them to an individual, I am selling rabbits to you, not someone else down the line that may or may not have the intentions or experience to properly care for my animals. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

A 40% non-refundable deposit must be paid to hold a rabbit for more than 1 week, unless arrangements are made. The rabbit(s) must be paid for before or at the time of sale. No exceptions. If your rabbit is not fully paid for, I WILL NOT hand it over to a transporter. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money orders, or Paypal. Buyer pays any and all incurred payment fees. NO REFUNDS.

All animals sold will be free of illness and abnormalities at the time of sale. The buyer/transporter must check the animal(s) prior to the sale/pickup. Please note that after the animal(s) leaves my rabbitry and possession, I have no control over an injury or illness, as I am no longer able to care of the animal(s). It is the SOLE responsibility of the buyer to take care of their purchase.  However, if help is needed at ANY point in the animal's life or if the buyer has questions about domestic rabbits/cavies in general, I can offer assistance via email, or or by phone at 574-261-6857.

If a rabbit dies within 48 hours of purchase, I will replace the rabbit if I determine it is due to unforeseen/unknown negligence on my part.  In order for this to be determined, photographic date-stamped evidence of the dead rabbit must be mailed to me within 24 hours of the rabbit’s death, along with the physical tattooed ear of the rabbit. Without the physical flesh ear of the deceased animal in my hands to confirm, I will not hand off a replacement to either the buyer or a transporter. If there is no rabbit of equal value available for a replacement, I may choose to give a refund of up to 60% of the animal’s purchase price.

I reserve the right to determine that the death of a rabbit was not due to my own negligence.

No refunds or trades on purchases immediately following transfer of ownership.

All buyers are required to sign this sales contract, signed by both the buyer and myself to ensure an understanding of my terms of sale and in acknowledgment that the rabbits are as desired at the time of sale. This isn't being extreme, it's being responsible. 

 Thank you to Eagle Ridge Rabbitry for judicious use of his sales policy for the basis of my own.


Our animals have on average 4-6 Grand Champions in the background, including multiple Best 6 Class, Best of Group, and Convention winners among those.  Daybreak Rabbitry has achieved Red/White/Blue ARBA registration status on our Cinnamons as of December 2013, and Goldstar registration status as of July 2015 wherein every ancestor for three generations is a registered ARBA Grand Champion.  Each animal that leaves our barn to go on to help other people's projects reflects this hard work and excellence in bloodlines, and thus too their pricing.